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Off-Duty Officer For Security

Looking to hire an off-duty police officer for security? Whether you need an off-duty police officer for one event or for an on-going basis, we can help!

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Traffic Control/TXDOT

Our off-duty, traffic control police officers have been trained by the National Highway Institute on work zone safety and comply with federal and state traffic laws to insure the safety of your workers and equipment.

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Fire Watch Services

Unlike typical fire watch service providers, First Responder Protective Services utilizes local off-duty firefighters, fire marshals, and police officers to conduct fire watch services for businesses across Texas.

Hiring Off-Duty Police Officers | Off-Duty Police for Security Services Throughout Texas and All of the U.S. - First Responder's Protective Services Corp

We Provide commissioned, active-duty police officers for your private security needs.

Secure your most valuable assets by hiring our off-duty police officers for your security and traffic control needs. A Police Officer’s presence is a visible deterrent to crime. All of our Police Officers are active “Full-time”, commissioned Peace Officers and have full authority to enforce state and local laws. Because of this, they provide much more than just security for your company. Our police officers provide an immediate response to address threats and criminal activity.

First Responder Protective Services – Police Officers

First Responder Protective Services uses off-duty police officers to provide armed security across the United States. All our off duty police officers are highly trained, state-certified police officers who are actively employed by local, county, and state law enforcement agencies.

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Off-Duty Police For
Security Services

We Provide Certified and Licensed Police Officers For Your Security and Traffic Control Needs.

Our off-duty police officers provide the highest level of professionalism and protection for your business. First Responder Protective Services provides off-duty, full time police officers to provide security and/or traffic control for your business or event.

Active duty police officers in Dallas and throughout Texas | Texas Policeman | First Responder Protective Services

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First Responder Protective

First Responder Protective Services was started by a team of law enforcement executives. We provide commissioned, active duty police officers in Dallas and throughout Texas for your private security needs. We handle all the details including hiring, staffing, supervising, 1099 federal filings, and payment to the police officer. You just tell us where you need an officer and we handle the rest.

We are a fully licensed and insured company that prides ourselves in providing the highest level of protection and service to our clients. All of our officers are covered under our $1,000,000 workers compensation policy and we carry a $5,000,000 general liability policy to reduce your liability.

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About Us

Our founders have over 60 years of experience in protecting critical infrastructures, combating transnational criminal organizations, mitigating risks, and providing the highest level of safety and security to corporations and communities.

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Complete Off-Duty Police Officer Management

First Responder Protective Services is an all in one solution for your Off-Duty Police Officer needs. Not only do we handle the hiring, scheduling, and dispatching of officers; we also handle all of the payroll, tax forms, and oversight of the officers.