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Decision to Hire an Off-Duty Police Officer vs Security Guard

Decision to Hire an Off-Duty Police Officer vs Security Guard
  • October 22, 2019
  • By First Repsonder

Most corporations are not aware of the benefits of hiring off-duty police officers instead of traditional security guards for their security needs. First Responder Protective Services employs professional full time law enforcement officers (Police Officers) from local, county, and state law enforcement agencies to provide armed security for your organization’s security needs.

Contact Us Today For Your Security Needs! We use only off-duty police officers to fill your security needs.

The benefits of hiring off-duty police officers versus traditional security guards:

The benefits of hiring off-duty police officers:

  • Licensing – All of our officers are licensed, active, full-time Texas Peace Officers commissioned by TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement).
  • Arrest Authority  – Unlike security guards, our officers are active Texas police officers who have full arrest and search and seizure powers. Traditional security guards must just observe and report but our officers can take immediate action.
  • Highly Trained – Unlike security guards our police officers have had thousands of hours of specialized training including a law enforcement academy and training related to de-escalation and laws of arrest.
  • Always Armed – Because you are getting an off-duty police officer they are always in full police uniform (Unless specifically requested by business otherwise) and armed. Most security guards are unarmed.
  • Local Knowledge – Unlike security guards, our officers have knowledge of local crime trends and information in order to provide a safer environment for your business.
  • Major Deterrent – Having a uniformed police officer provides a visible deterrent to criminals.

When working with First Responder Protective Services we provide a better alternative than the traditional security guard by scheduling and staffing your security needs with off-duty police officers. Whether uniformed, plain clothes, or a combination of both we can customize your needs utilizing our huge pool of off-duty police officers.

Complete Off-Duty Police Officer Management

First Responder Protective Services is an all in one solution for your Off-Duty Police Officer needs. Not only do we handle the hiring, scheduling, and dispatching of officers; we also handle all of the payroll, tax forms, and oversight of the officers.