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Hire Off Duty Police for Employee Termination / Workplace Violence Response


Mitigate your risk with off-duty police for security.

Workplace violence is a huge problem for businesses and corporations. As a matter of fact, it is the fourth leading cause of workplace deaths and statistics show that over 1.8 million employees are victims of workplace violence every year. Statistics show 1 out of 7 employees do not feel safe at work.

Every organization needs to address workplace violence and understand the risks and warning signs. Hiring off-duty police officers for security is one of the most effective ways to reduce workplace violence. A uniformed police officer is always armed and creates a visual deterrent for violence.

At First Responder Protective Services we stand ready to assist your organization in reducing your risk of workplace violence. We can provide an immediate off-duty police officer response to provide security for your organization. For our customers that require ongoing off-duty police for security, we provide free assistance in developing emergency action plans and free employee training related to recognizing and preventing workplace violence.

If you are concerned about an employee’s response to an upcoming termination or any other potential workplace violence incident, we want to assist you in mitigating your risk.  Our founders at First Responder Protective Services come from a strong background of Law Enforcement and Corporate Executive experience and have firsthand experience in mitigating and dealing with workplace violence.

Our company only utilizes off-duty local police and law enforcement officers to work security for your organization. Unlike security guards who are trained to observe and report, all of our officers are armed and have the full authority of arrest and extensive experience in de-escalation.

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Complete Off-Duty Police Officer Management

First Responder Protective Services is an all in one solution for your Off-Duty Police Officer needs. Not only do we handle the hiring, scheduling, and dispatching of officers; we also handle all of the payroll, tax forms, and oversight of the officers.