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Off-Duty Police Officers and Firefighters in Fort Worth

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Trust in our Off-Duty Police Officers to Keep You Safe in Fort Worth

Located in North Central Texas, Fort Worth attracts locals and visitors with a seamless blend of rural heritage and bustling business services and industries. Located in North Central Texas, This modern city is the seat of Tarrant County and the cultural entry point to the American West. Fort Worth is the fifth most populous city in Texas and the second largest in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Due to its constant growth and diversity, the  professional and committed off duty services offered by First Responder Protective Services are always ready to satisfy the security needs of the private sector. Whether you’re an executive from any of the multinational corporations headquartered here, a company exploiting natural gas or a logistics manager looking for extra security to transport your cargo, our experienced off-duty officers are ready to help you.

Serving the Aviation and Aerospace Industries in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is home to some of the most important manufacturers of defense and commercial aircraft and many suppliers of products and services for American Airlines are also located here. 

There are multiple ways in which First Responder Protective Services contributes to the support of this vital economic sector. Our off-duty police officers are available as armed police escorts to accompany the transportation of all kinds of cargo from one place to the other or they can deter violent behavior from angry employees in the workplace, for instance.

Texas Department Of Public Safety Private Security Program License #C10520601

Small Business Enterprise with an NCTRCA Certification #WMSB54571N0924

Serving the Natural Gas Industry in Fort Worth

Texas is a prominent player in the energy sector in the United States and Fort Worth is a major driver for this to occur. The city sits on one of the largest deposits of natural gas in the country, making it a privileged location for pipeline companies, gas drillers and an ample variety of auxiliary services that support the gas and the oil industries. 

Our dedicated services to the pipeline and communications construction companies provide them with equipment yard security, right-of way security and traffic control during construction projects. All services are provided by active and certified off-duty police officers with an extensive experience in infrastructure security that have the know-how to offer strategic and comprehensive security plans that avoid loss of time and equipment while providing a safe working environment for the staff. 

Serving Businesses, Business People and the Retail Sector in Fort Worth

As mentioned before, Fort Worth is home to several multinational companies such as Bell Textron, American Airlines, Cash America International, BNSF Railway or Wells Fargo just to mention a few of them. 

Our vetted and committed off-duty police officers are available round the clock to provide top-notch executive protection to business executives by uniformed or non-uniformed professionals. In addition, we can provide armed, active-duty police officers to deter crime and de-escalate risky and potentially violent situations in commercial and retail properties thus increasing the security of the personnel, customers and premises. 

Serving the Logistics Sector in Fort Worth

With 3 interstate, 5 federal and 4 state highways together with 6 major railroad systems it is undeniable that Fort Worth has a strong and solidly-planned transportation network that facilitates the movement of materials and goods not only locally but also regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our Secure Logistics division contributes to the logistics sector in Fort Worth by providing armed and unarmed high-value cargo escorts, supply chain security consulting, threat assessment research and the protection of critical infrastructures. Our committed professionals have the experience, expertise and know-how to monitor your freight, deliver items safely and to offer you a logistics security solution that is tailored to your needs. 

Serving Homeowners Associations (HOAs) in Fort Worth

As in any other large city, people living in Fort Worth are exposed to property crimes. First Responder Protective Services works with HOAs and provides local police officers and mobile patrols to communities and neighborhoods. Our off-duty police officers are accurately equipped and have the experience to patrol during vulnerable times to decrease crime and keep a vigilant eye on your community.


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