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Off-Duty Police Officers and Firefighters in Houston

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Our Off-Duty Police Officers Keep You Safe in Houston

Home to NASA, the Houston Texans, stunning reserve parks and to a widely acknowledged culinary and educational scene, Houston stands out as one of the most remarkable and unique cities in Texas and the United States.

With a population of 2,302,878 in 2022, it ranks amongst the most populated cities in the country. It is located in SE Texas near Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, within Harris County. Lovingly called “Space City” and “Bayou City” by locals, Houston seduces residents and visitors alike with its diverse and growing community and thriving business scene. 

Being one of the busiest and fastest-growing US-cities, behind New York, the professional and committed off duty services offered by First Responder Protective Services are always ready to satisfy your private sector security needs. 

Whether you are a high-profile businessman or sports celebrity seeking executive protection, or your company needs to transport an oversized load across I-10 to any of the big companies located in Houston, or you need specially trained police officers to secure your high-value cargo, our trained and experienced off-duty officers are here to help you. 

Texas Department Of Public Safety Private Security Program License #C10520601

Small Business Enterprise with an NCTRCA Certification #WMSB54571N0924

Serving the Space Industry

Although we’d love to join the astronauts in their missions out of space, there are quite a few other ways in which our off duty services can contribute to the security of the space exploration industry. For instance, if they needed to transport rocket parts across any of the various highways that run through Houston, we have a dedicated team of law enforcement officers that can deliver or follow the load from departure to destination supported by high-tech video surveillance, GPS tracking and encrypted communications during escort.

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First Responder Protective Services Contributes to the Security of the Energy, Oil & Gas Industry

It’s no news at all that Houston is known for its prominent role in the energy industry. The city is a leading center for virtually every segment of the oil and gas industry and it dominates the oil and gas exploration and production. The headquarters of many Fortune-500 energy-related companies are located here, as well as 600 exploration and production firms, the country’s 20 largest natural gas transmission companies and almost 200 pipeline operations.

First Responder Protective Services actively works with pipeline and communications construction companies across the State and provides equipment yard security, traffic control and right-of-way security during construction projects. We know how crucial this industry is for both the city and all of Texas and that having a comprehensive security plan is vital to ensure a safe working environment both for workers and assets. 


We Offer Construction Site Security in Houston

With the construction market booming in Texas, Houston is no the exception to the rule. With construction projects always underway, cranes and drills are part of the daily landscape of the city. Our off duty police officers and security guards maintain a high level of vigilance and are always visible to deter crime and ensure the security of your workers and assets.

We Ensure the Security of the Manufacturing and Retail Sectors

Houston is a strong retail sector and is home to over 11 thousand manufacturing establishments.

We have trained fully commissioned law enforcement officers to guarantee the security of manufacturing plants, retail stores and shopping malls. Our uniformed or non-uniformed off duty police officers have a vigilant and attentive approach to deter crime and keep employees, workers and patrons safe. 

Off Duty Firefighters and Police Officers in Houston During Natural Disasters

Houston is a city prone to natural disasters including flash floods, storms and hurricanes. These catastrophic events can have a huge negative impact on your business and surrounding neighborhoods. In addition, local law enforcement officials are usually overwhelmed and cannot satisfy the increased need of urgent security against looting and theft.

In such occasions, you can rely on the vetted Houstonian off duty police officers and firefighters that work for First Responder Protective Services. They can be immediately deployed to provide the needed security, help with the removal of assets and the overall emergency response. 

Are you Tying the Knot in Houston? Rely on Us For Wedding Security

With hundreds of stunning wedding venues that offer everything that a bride and groom can think of, Houston could easily be nicknamed the “Wedding City” of the United States – or at least of Texas. It is said that in 2022, over 41,500 couples exchanged vows in the greater Houston area!

With hundreds of wedding venues, amenities and wedding professionals to choose from, don’t let security become an issue at such a memorable personal event. Your wedding security is guaranteed with the uniformed and non-uniformed off-duty police officers that work for First Responder Protective Services

Complete Off-Duty Police Officer

First Responder Protective Services is an all in one solution for your Off-Duty Police Officer
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