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Off-Duty Officers and Firefighters in Lubbock

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Off-Duty Police Officers For Hire in Lubbock

Lubbock is located in NW Texas. The city was built on a thriving farming industry and was a major cotton producer. In fact, it still produces around 3 million bales of cotton per year. Today, Lubbock is a hub for art and exhibits, including interesting wineries, live music and theatrical performances. 

First Responder Protective Services is proud of serving the 10th most populous Texan city. Home to Texas Tech University, a vibrant and varied retail scene and plenty of cultural events, there are multiple ways in which our professional off-duty police officers and firefighters in Lubbock can improve the security of educational facilities, manufacturing centers, retail stores and the tourism sector.



First Responder Protective Services Serve the Retail Sector in Lubbock

The retail sector in Lubbock is solid and growing steadily. There’s no lack of shopping opportunities in the city, from fashion to daily groceries, and shopping malls to smaller stores, there are plenty of venues where locals and visitors frequently visit. 
Both employees and customers should be safe from the moment they step into your store to the moment they go out of the door. Any situation where they may feel potentially menaced or endangered cannot only ruin an otherwise positive experience, but even prevent them from visiting your store a second time. 

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The professional off-duty police officers at First Responder Protective Services are well aware of the pivotal role they play in ensuring the security of stores and shopping centers. We take retail security seriously. Our officers can have an attentive and vigilant attitude and effectively prevent crime in your premises.


Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Program License #C10520601

Small Business Enterprise with an NCTRCA Certification #WMSBb54571NO924

First Responder Protective Services Serve the Tourism Sector in Lubbock

There’s so much to see and do in Lubbock that it is a must-visit destination in Texas. Friendly people, varied cultural attractions, a lively food scene, historic importance, and the world-known Texan hospitality are just some of the infinite reasons why thousands of people choose Lubbock to spend their time.

The off-duty police officers at First Responder Protective Services contribute to provide visitors with a pleasant stay by ensuring their safety in Lubbock’s hotels. Whether we are armed or unarmed, our highly visible presence deters criminals and keeps hotel guests secure. 

First Responder Protective Services Serve the Manufacturing Sector in Lubbock

With a strong and thriving manufacturing sector, there are many ways in which our off-duty security services help to keep all players safe. Whenever local factories need police escorts in Texas to protect high-value cargo or traffic control and traffic management services to securely transport products from one place to another, they can rely on First Responder Protective Services to provide them with the professionally trained and vetted off-duty officers that are part of our staff. 


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