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Off-Duty Police Officers and Firefighters in Austin


Our Off Duty Police Officers Keep You Safe in Austin

Austin is the political and cultural capital of Texas with hundreds of live-music festivals held around the year and numerous museums, art galleries, theaters and a lively food scene. 

It is the fourth most populous city in Texas and the second most populous state capital city and it has ranked as the fastest growing large cities in the US since 2010. 

Austin is not only the cultural and political heart of Texas but also a major business hub focused mainly on technology. Big players in the tech market such as Tesla, Oracle, IBM or Advanced Micro Devices are headquartered or have regional offices here, which contribute to attracting people from all over the US to live here.

At First Responder Protective Services we are proud to serve Austin. Our off-duty police officers and firefighters  provide an attentive and vigilant approach to ensure the safety and security of the private sector. Our ample variety of services that combine vetted professionals with top-notch technology ensure police escorting services for your cargo, business executives and business sites. Whenever you need off-duty security in Austin and anywhere in Texas, we are your best partner to rely on. 

Texas Department Of Public Safety Private Security Program License #C10520601

Small Business Enterprise with an NCTRCA Certification #WMSB54571N0924

Our Off-Duty Services Are All You Need for Effective Disaster Response 

Austin is known for being a city prone to natural disasters. Winter storms and severe flooding are just some of the recent natural events that have affected the city over the last years. 

The severe winter storm that hit Austin in late January and February 2023 left almost 200,000 local energy consumers without heat or electricity for several days. Two years before, Winter Storm Uri dropped lots of snow across Texas and the neighboring state of Oklahoma. Austin received 6.4 inches of snowfall. Since the natural gas power plants were not properly winterized, initial rolling blackouts had to be enacted to avoid a total collapse of the system. To add up, there were water pipe breaks reported and, as the demand of water increased, the Austin area had to enter into a boil-water advisory that lasted for almost a week.

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 In such situations, relying on the expertise in security of our off-duty police officers and firefighters can make a difference in the final impact that these events may have on your business. Our highly-trained and vetted off-duty firefighters can deploy the security procedures needed to ensure the security and safety of your business assets, employees and family.

Working together with local law enforcement, we are ready to offer the assistance required in emergency response planning and provide an efficient plan of action.

Hire First Responder Protective Services for Employee Termination Security in Austin

With so many companies and stores located in Austin, it is not unusual to think that not all employee-employer relationships end up in a polite and professional way. To add up, workplace violence is on the rise and a large number of employees feel threatened or unsafe during working hours. 

If you’re worried about this as a manager, incorporating any off-duty officer from First Responder Protective Services can be the first proactive step towards handling this issue effectively. Hiring off-duty police officers for workplace security can be an effective way to reduce violence in the premises. A uniformed and armed police officer is a clear visual deterrent against violent attitudes from angry or mentally-imbalanced employees. 


Trust in the Expertise of First Responder Protective Services for Seasonal and Special Events

If there is something that makes Austin stand out is its musicality. There’s live music everywhere from musicians playing everywhere to live music series at coffeehouses and concert halls or world-famous festivals. From the Austin Blues Festival and the Austin Reggae Festival to the Seismic Dance Event or the Free Week, Austonians know how to have fun and enjoy themselves.

If you are planning a music festival, sporting event, product launch or political venue in Austin, trust the expertise of our off duty services to provide armed officers staffing for your event in a seamless and simple way. Our off-duty police officers have a solid background in VIP protection and risk management and the know-how to effectively and actively coordinate the security of large-scale events. 

Complete Off-Duty Police Officer Management

First Responder Protective Services is an all in one solution for your Off-Duty Police Officer needs. Not only do we handle the hiring, scheduling, and dispatching of officers; we also handle all of the payroll, tax forms, and oversight of the officers.