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Mobile Security Camera Trailers

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Experience a new pinnacle of physical security with the dynamic partnership of First Responder Protective Services Corp and LVT. Our collaboration brings you unparalleled remote video surveillance solutions that can be deployed swiftly, guaranteeing comprehensive protection for your sites within minutes.

Utilizing our state of the art mobile surveillance trailers allows you to unlock continuous, real-time video surveillance, coupled with seamless recordings, all accessible 24/7/365 through a robust cellular connection. With our cutting-edge mobile surveillance trailer units, your sites remain safeguarded around the clock, no matter their location.

  • Cutting-edge technology: The LiveView D3 camera utilizes advanced thermal, optical, and fisheye cameras, ensuring comprehensive surveillance coverage.
  • Customizable configurations: Choose from a range of camera combinations to suit your specific security needs, from thermal imaging to license plate recognition.
  • Mobility: With no hard line access required, the unit can be easily deployed and relocated as needed, providing flexibility and adaptability.
  • Versatility: Mount the camera on a trailer, fixed pole, or building side, ensuring optimal placement for maximum surveillance effectiveness.
  • Remote monitoring: Access real-time and recorded video surveillance footage from anywhere, at any time, via a secure cellular connection.
  • 24/7 surveillance: Enjoy continuous surveillance capabilities, ensuring round-the-clock protection for your assets and properties.
LV Authorized Distributor - Camera Trailer Units

Keep Your Property and People Safe with Security Camera Trailer Units

At First Responder Protective Services, we are committed to keeping your property and people safe. The security camera trailers are designed to provide around-the-clock monitoring, giving you peace of mind that your property is always secure. With our secure and reliable security solutions, you can rest assured that your property and people are protected.

Keep Your Property and People Safe with Security Camera Trailer Units

100% Solar Powered

Each camera trailer unit is 100% solar-powered, making them an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for your security needs. The units are powered by solar panels that collect sunlight and convert it into energy, supplying power the cameras, making sure that they never stop recording. With the use of our trailer units, you can keep an eye on your property without worrying about electricity costs or environmental impact.

Backup Generator Option

For added security, the trailer units come equipped with a backup fuel cell generator as an optional add-on. This ensures that the cameras never stop recording, even when there is no sunlight or when the power goes out. With the use of a backup generator option, you can rest assured that your property is always being monitored and protected.

Flexible and Customizable

The security camera trailer units are highly flexible and customizable, allowing you to customize your security system based on your needs. The camera head units can be mounted to poles, affixed to the sides of walls or buildings, and plugged in where electrical is supplied.

The capabilities and functionality of these cameras are what truly set it far ahead of any other camera platform. Each unit is completely customizable with different camera types, including stationary, PTZ, and tracking, and also include features such as siren/speaker boxes with varying lighting options. The units utilize the latest technology AND hardware to bring the most useful features to reality.

Unparalleled Surveillance

These cameras are designed to provide unparalleled surveillance, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is being monitored 24/7. Very little maintenance is required and they are rapidly deployable, making it easy to get the surveillance you need and want quickly!

Unparalleled Surveillance

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  Reliable Monitoring Solutions for Various Industries

The use of the camera trailers is virtually unlimited and has seen great success in the following industries:

  • Retail and distribution centers
  • Critical infrastructure sites
  • Emergency services/management functions and special events
  • Entertainment venues/districts
  • Construction site security
  • Property management
  • Higher education institutions

Why Choose First Responder Protective Services?

At First Responder Protective Services, we provide you with the highest quality mobile security camera surveillance trailers to protect your property. When you choose First Responder Protective Services, you receive professional security services that are tailored to your individual needs.  We can now provide boots on the physical security with off-duty police officers as well as camera monitoring, to really help create that comprehensive safety plan.

We offer customized security solutions that are powered by solar and designed to protect your property. With our experienced team and top-of-the-line security systems, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is safe and secure. We offer comprehensive services, from installation and maintenance to monitoring and surveillance, to ensure your property is protected.

Get Protected Today with Security Camera Trailer Units

First Responder Protective Services offers reliable and effective solutions for monitoring your property 24/7. These solar-powered security camera trailer units provide the perfect solution for keeping your property safe and secure. All of the trailer units are equipped with the latest in surveillance technology, giving you real-time monitoring of your property and keeping it protected from potential threats!

Take the first step to protect your property and call First Responder Protective Services today. Contact us at (800)757-3301 or email us at sales@offdutytx.com to receive a free product demo, go over options, and see how we can work together to help create a safe environment!

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