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Safety and Security Mobile Surveillance System For Parking Lots

Meet The Most Advanced, Affordable Mobile Surveillance System Around

Looking for a highly advanced mobile surveillance system to monitor your parking lot? First Responder Protective Services has partnered with LiveView to bring you the D3 Mobile Security Unit. The D3 is an highly advanced, yet affordable, 24/7 live video and data mobile surveillance system that can be deployed at even the most remote locations where there is no power or an Internet connection.

Meet The Most Advanced, Affordable Mobile Surveillance System Around





Not Your Typical Mobile Surveillance
  1. Two Way Speaker
  2. Flood Light
  3. Antenna
  4. Strobe Light (L)
  5. Strobe Light (R)
  6. Inside Edge Controller 2TBSSD
  7. Tool-less Installation
  8. 360° PTZ BI-Spectrum Camera
  9. Thermal Camera
  10. Optical Camera
  11. 360° PTZ Camera

Not Your Typical Mobile Surveillance

LiveView's D3 mobile surveillance system is cutting edge and puts competitors surveillance to shame. Whether your parking lot calls for thermal, optical, fisheye camera, or even license plate recognition or other cutting edge analytics, these units have dozens of possible combinations. LiveView cameras do not require hard line access to the internet or electricity.


Able to detect human intrusion up to 650 feet away. Program your cameras to detect humans, vehicles, and more within a boundary box defined by you.

Security Lights

Easily control your security lights remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Log in to turn the flood lights on or off and activate strobes.

Thermal Imaging

LiveView camera technology eliminates the criminal elements cover of darkness. With thermal imaging and infrared detection you can easily detect intrusions.





Live Video Monitoring

All of LiveView's cameras and sensors are managed through a secure cloud-based system and can be monitored from your smartphone or desktop. Logging in on the app provides instant access to live footage, alerts, and the ability to review any past incidents. You can also program the system to provide random announcements to deter criminal activity or customized messages for the arrivals and departures of your daily workers.

  • Easily draw detection zones
  • Sync with your security trailers, cameras, and sensors
  • Enable real-time alerts and custom notifications
  • Store images and recordings to the cloud
  • Enable intrusion detection to alert to humans and vehicles
  • Control it all from your smartphone or desktop





Mobile and Rapid Setup

Mobile and Rapid Setup

Liveview's D3 mobile surveillance system can be deployed in under 30 minutes and is self sufficient in the case where no power or internet connection is available. The system can be mounted on multiple platforms including the trailer, a pole, the wall, or even a pendant.  We can assist you in picking the right mounting platform based on your location and concerns.

  • Installation in under 30 minutes
  • No wires, power, or internet required
  • Multiple mounting options





Live Agent Monitored Service

If you are looking for assistance monitoring your surveillance cameras we have partnered with a nationwide, reputable monitoring service to provide live 24/7 monitoring to provide you an extra level of security. Talk to one of experts today to discuss setting you up with this additional option and the third party monitoring service.

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Liveview Camera Distributor





Mobile Surveillance System For Parking Lots

Warehouses, retail establishments, car dealerships, and corporate offices all fall victims to crime. At First Responder Protective Services, we offer proven solutions to deter and detect crime in parking lots. Contact us today to receive a free site assessment and learn about our proven deterrence methods. Our free assessment will help you come up with a comprehensive security plan to protect your business from crime.  All of our assessors are experienced law enforcement officers with years of experience in criminal investigations and can provide valuable input on how to reduce your parking lot from being the next victim of criminal activity. We can provide a wide variety of solutions for your business depending on your budget. From off-duty police officers for security to one of the most advanced mobile surveillance systems around, we have options for any budget. As an authorized distributor of LiveView Technologies, we can have a completely remotely monitored  Security Camera Trailer Units set-up in your parking lot as quick as in 30 minutes.

These highly advanced camera systems can be programmed to detect vehicles and persons at night, eliminating false alerts due to wind and animals.

Complete our free security assessment form or give us a call today at 800-757-3301 if you are looking to reduce your risk.

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Trailer Mount
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