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Off-Duty Police for Hire - Security Services

Experienced, Professional Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officers For Your Security Challenges

Our off-duty police officers provide the highest level of professionalism and protection for your business. First Responder Protective Services provides off-duty, full time police officers to provide security and/or traffic control for your business or event.

Benefits of hiring off-duty police officers through First Responder Protective Services:

  • Reduce your liability– Many companies make the mistake of calling their local police department to hire police officers to work security or traffic control. These officers are not insured in case of a lawsuit and you end up being the sole insurer under your company’s policy (If it will even cover the incident). We have a $5,000,000 insurance policy which provides another level of protection to your business or event.
  • Our Officers Are Covered Under Our Workers Compensation Policy – When hiring officers through First Responder Protective Services every officer is covered under our $1,000,000 workers compensation policy. Most companies make the mistake of hiring officers directly from their local police department and are unaware that an officer won’t be covered for an accident through their police department if they are not performing actual police enforcement action while working off-duty. This leaves your business susceptible to claims. All our officers we contract with are covered under our workers compensation insurance providing another level of protection to your business.
Active duty police officers in Dallas and throughout Texas | Texas Policeman | First Responder Protective Services
  • You receive one simple invoice – We handle all 1099 forms, payments to officers, tax issues, hiring, scheduling, and supervision. You receive one simple invoice saving hours on wasted payroll and human resources time.
  • Our Officers are held to the highest standard –  Our company was founded by Law Enforcement Executives and we only hire the most professional and capable officers. Our mission has always been to provide our clients the highest level of service.
  • Officers are armed and have full arrest powers – Unlike when you hire a security guard, our officers have the full authority of state and local laws to address issues. Our officers have full arrest powers in case of an incident and collaborate with local on-duty police when required.
  • Our officers are highly trained and capable – All of our officers are full-time licensed peace officers who continually attend updated training to maintain their peace officers license.
  • Our officers understand the customer service aspect of business – All of our officers are required to provide the highest level of customer service to you, your business, and your patrons at all times.
  • We provide 24/7 customer service and oversight. – When hiring an off-duty police officer through First Responder Protective Services you get piece of mind. We provided a dedicated account manager to each of our clients and have a 24/7 customer service line. We provide oversight of each officer on site through our state of the art web application that includes geofencing clock-in and out, chat, and a dedicated officer line to speak with officers on site in case of any issues.
  • Professional Oversight– First Responder Protective Services was founded and is managed by law enforcement executives, military veterans, security specialists, and corporate management professionals.

Hire an Off-Duty Police Officer. We Provide Certified and Licensed Police Officers Who Provide Security and Traffic Control For Businesses and Events.

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We Are An All-In-One Solution For Your Off Duty Police Officer Needs

We are experts in handling and managing your security needs and handle all of the details start to finish. When working with us for your security needs we will:

  • Provide a free initial consultation to determine your security needs
  • Provide one simple invoice for services provided. We handle payroll, W-9, and 1099 for off-duty contractors
  • We handle the hiring, scheduling and monitoring off your off-duty police officer for your security needs.
  • We provide immediate replacement of officers if they need to leave due to illness or emergency.
  • We provide detailed reports of services performed by officers on location.
  • We enforce client post orders and expectations
  • We provide on-sight inspections and oversight from experienced law enforcement executives.

Complete Off-Duty Police Officer Management

First Responder Protective Services is an all in one solution for your Off-Duty Police Officer needs. Not only do we handle the hiring, scheduling, and dispatching of officers; we also handle all of the payroll, tax forms, and oversight of the officers.