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Why Police Departments Are Outsourcing Their Off-Duty Jobs and Requests

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  • December 14, 2019
  • By First Repsonder

There is no debating that police officers are more effective than security guards in deterring and responding to crime. As a result, private businesses and non-profit organizations have increasingly turned to hiring off-duty police officers for their security needs.

Almost every police department allows their officers to work off-duty security jobs to supplement their income, increase safety in the community, and allow another line of safety and security to businesses in their community. But the task of coordinating these off-duty jobs has become burdensome to police departments because they have to staff positions to field the requests for off-duty police officers, determine and uphold the hourly rate, recruit and supervise interested officers, and handle the collection of funds and payments to the officer. Furthermore, many agencies are shorthanded and busier than ever and filling these jobs can be a difficult task.

Not only is this procedure burdensome to the police department but it is even worse for the company who is hiring the police officers directly from the department. Companies are tasked with payroll for each officer, tax forms, scheduling, replacing, and supervising these officers to name only a few of the issues.

At First Responder Protective Services we take the burden off the backs of both the Police Department and the business hiring the off-duty police officers. For police departments we handle the scheduling, staffing, payment for services rendered by your officers, and added insurance to indemnify officers and agencies. There is no longer a need for your agency to pay personnel to handle the oversight of officers working off-duty for businesses. We also ensure your officers are working jobs within department policy.

For businesses we make hiring off-duty police officers a simple process. At First Responder Protective Services we handle the scheduling, vetting, paying, oversight, and preparation and delivery of all income tax forms for police officers who provide services for your organization. We send you a monthly invoice that includes modest administrative fees to cover our services.

If you are a police agency who is coordinating your own off-duty police jobs for your officers, we would like to speak with you. We can assist you in freeing up personnel tasked with this burden. It is a free service to your agency and can help free up your resources tasked with handling this duty.

For companies hiring off-duty police directly from your police department we can eliminate the burden of coordinating and paying officers for their services by providing a single point of contact and a single monthly invoice for services rendered. No more 1099 tax forms, W-2 forms, and other complex liabilities.

First Responder Protective Services is a leading provider for off-duty police protective services in Dallas County/ Tarrant County / Ellis County / Denton County / Parker County and every other county throughout Texas. We are a team of business and law enforcement professionals who have years of experience in mitigating risks and providing the highest level of safety and security to corporations and communities. We provide professional off-duty police officers for traffic control and security duties all across the state.

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